Intentional Innovation Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity founded in Newport News, Virginia in 2015.  Download our IRS letter of determination (pdf).

Triple Helix

The FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) is an effective mentor-based program in which young people discover and develop a passion for science, engineering, technology, and math (STEM). Intentional Innovation Foundation is the operating sponsor of Triple Helix Robotics, FRC Team 2363, the robotics team of Menchville High School in Newport News. The foundation was formed by a group of mentors, parents, sponsors, and community partners to enable the team to extend its reach and effectiveness.

Rumble in the Roads

Our experience in the FIRST Robotics Competition has convinced us of a strong link between team competitiveness and long-term program sustainability. The Rumble in the Roads is an offseason (unofficial) FRC tournament which annually features more than 30 high school robotics teams from Maryland, North Carolina, and Virginia in one day of intense and fun competition. Free for spectators and open to the public, the event is an effective tool for strengthening and growing existing teams by providing them an experience that simulates a regular-season competition. With this opportunity to practice, these teams are more competitive in the next build and competition season because they better understand the mechanics of a tournament. Participating students win recognition, gain self-confidence, develop people and life skills, make new friends, and perhaps discover an unforeseen career path.

In addition, some Rumble competitors are pre-rookie teams– those who plan to register a brand-new rookie team for the first time in the upcoming season. To help these teams acclimate to competition, our event managers pair them with veteran teams who share knowledge, experience, and resources like drive teams, pit crew members, and drivetrains.

Peninsula STEM Gym

Our STEM Gym is a place in Newport News, Virginia for competitive youth high-technology teams to practice their sports. In particular, four high school FIRST Robotics Competition teams including Triple Helix use our STEM Gym’s FRC practice field to develop and refine award-winning robots which compete in a series of local, regional, and global competitions. By enabling our students to better practice their sport, we increase the likelihood that they can turn pro!